Angel Messages

Angel Messages Angel Messages are given as a pathway for each of us to truly access profound love in our daily lives. We all are given a spiritual birthright that we must continually develop. Our earthbound status keeps us from fully experiencing our connection to our spiritual bodies.

The earth is in transition. As part of this transition, each of our spiritual gifts are being awakened. Angel Messages are guideposts (spiritual markers) that enable us to redirect our focus along our spiritual path.

Every one of us can begin to experience profound love and peace. Angel Messages enable us to begin to connect with our souls.

Vibrational Toning

Vibrational Toning uses each person’s own sound to align their vibrational frequency with their guides. This vibration creates a channeled pathway for the energy of each person’s own guides. Vibrational sounds raise your energy frequency towards the higher frequency of the guides.Toning enables your guides to assist you in your spiritual development,thus creating peace, love and harmony in your life.

The Spiritual Journey

Each person has a set of personal guides for the journey. Through Vibrational Toning, Margaret Claire raises the vibrational pathway. Your personal guides connect with this energy to bring forth your own Angel Messages. The purpose is to develop your own special gifts, helping you ground and remain centered with your spiritual core.
"I am your Angel-Messenger.
I can teach you to connect
with your angelic guides."


Margaret Claire