I just wanted to drop a line and say how wonderful it was to meet you. I was really touched by the messages provided as well as the toning. I actually was getting a headache the other day & listened to the recordings of the toning, & I feel it helped clear it. Blessings to you for the wonderful work you are doing.


Another night of restful sleep after a message from my Angels. Robert has been talking to me about my true colors shining through, and again, in my message, the beautiful colors. Makes me just want to i.n.h.a.l.e. I am now able to speak my truth to those returning to me for their own answers/needs. I am able to handle the outcome ... When I feel I need a bigger jar, He provides. God is Great! Thank you for helping my friends and acquaintances begin to put one foot in front of another. I learn so much from them. You are truly a blessing to all!


Today was amazing and I feel so wonderful. My head is clear and one of the jaw problems is gone. My tooth is feeling much better and despite it being the end of the day, it is not sore.

I have continued to do the self-help techniques you showed me.

I am looking forward to next Monday—and just have to say thank you SO much. What a wonderful gift you are as well as your healing energies.


I was the recipient of a totally unique and emotionally extraordinary experience called “Angel Toning.”

Let me preface this commentary by saying I spend an hour to two hours in meditation and prayer each morning to God. In my prayer time the morning prior to this experience, I was filled with questions to God as to whether this “happening” was from His divinity. I was concerned that this was from a positive (and not evil) force, as I believe that both exist.

I asked for a sign ... specifically something from my deceased Mother. I got that immediately with a song that spoke to “peace and the Divine.”

Next, I have been in fear and grief regarding my husband since his passing. Not of his death, but of what may have happened to his soul. You see, he did not believe in God, so I have been so saddened by the thought of him living eternity in darkness.

What (by the grace of God) I heard was that I have no reason to fear that any longer. It was as if the 1,000-ton weight I've been dragging around for 7+ years had been cut away.

The last take-away was the message that I had a pure heart. I know that I always try to do my best to glorify God in every possible way, but now, I know from the message, He knows I'm doing my best.

In addition to the positive emotions I received as a result of these messages, the following day I painted a small watercolor that would reflect my state of serenity and peace. It came from the inner me, the reflective me. Please notice the open door ... for the door HAS opened.

I thank Peggy for being the conduit, and God for allowing this to happen to me.



“I am your Angel-Messenger.
I can teach you to connect
with your angelic guides.”


Margaret Claire